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With more than 82 years of combined education, management, planning and negotiating experience, Chet and Gretchen have developed a plan to meet the needs of thier professional clientele. Meeting planning, community involvement and commitment, are the cornerstones to the successful APLLC entity.

Continued growth has been supported by feedback, program development and customer satisfaction ... our customers give APLLC referrals on a consistent basis. This web site is an extension of thier prolonged support.
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Nancy Powell
Ocean City Today
wrote a feature article about
Academic Partnerships, LLC
on March 21, 2014
Academic Partnerships was formed in late 2006 after its founders, Chet and Gretchen Boggs, discovered that their service was becoming ever increasingly popular. Starting from their home office in Selbyville, DE - APLLC first supplied their services to local Elderhostelers, schools, and community charity organizations.

Now, APLLC provides service to businesses all over the East Coast in the USA. APLLC uses the Internet for 90% of their incoming inquiries, making them a truly online company.

"Where Professionals Make Events Happen"

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